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  Mission Statement  

Our Mission is to ensure that each student develops a passion for learning through challenging curricula; rigorous academic standards; innovative, stimulating educational environments, and a passion so that education is a lifelong pursuit.

  About The School  

About Jennings Senior High School & College Prep Academy

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Top Regional Graduation Rate=100% College/Career Placement; College Prep Academy; Dual Credit; NAF Future Ready Academy; Construction; CVS Mock Store; PLTW; JROTC; Sports; Music; Top Rated Student Council & and many more clubs & organizations!

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Jennings Senior High School & College Prep Academy


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School Vision

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Parents and Educators working together empower Students to achieve.

SPOT Clinic

Building on years of successful experience working with youth at The SPOT, Washington University/The SPOT recently received funding to pilot the implementation of a school-based health center in Jennings High School (JSBHC). The creation of the JSBHC will build-on and mirror The SPOT’s effective model of providing integrated multi-disciplinary medical health, behavioral health and social services in coordination with community partner organizations.

School-based health centers provide accessible, affordable, and high-quality physical, behavioral and oral health care to youth. The purpose of school-based health centers is to keep youth healthy, in school, and ready to learn. School-based health centers help schools do their job of educating, by improving the health and well-being of students and addressing health issues that interfere with learning. Programs are designed to promote healthy choices, prevent disease, and intervene early when problems arise.

Pacing Guides

Jennings College & Career Prep Academy is focused on academic success. Students are responsible for End of Course Exams in a number of content areas which are extremely important to determining mastery of the content. Attached you will find the Pacing Guide for tested areas:


Algebra I


English 10

American Government


NAF Future Ready Academy

Information about the NAF Future Ready Academy Course Sequence

Jennings Senior High School Uniform Policy

Jennings Senior High Uniform Policy 

College Prep Academy Uniform

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All College Prep students are expected to be in full uniform Monday-Friday.

-Khakis or Black pants (No leggings)

-White collard, button down shirt

-Black Tie

Students are not required to wear red cardigan or blazer during warm temperatures, however, the only outerwear (jackets) allowed are red cardigans or black blazers.