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2018 Track Coaches

2018 Jennings Warriors Track (Boys & Girls)



Day Date Event Site Time
Tuesday  3/20 Lutheran North Opener Lutheran North 4:00 pm
Saturday  3/31 Charlie Beck Invitational University City 9:00 am
 Thursday  4/12 Lutheran North Relays Lutheran North 4:00 pm
 Thursday  4/19  New Meet at LN Lutheran North 4:00 pm
 Wednesday   4/25 Lutheran North (Girls Track Only) Lutheran North 4:00 pm



Lutheran St. Charles/Culver's Inv. 

LSCHS 4:00 pm



Suburban Central Conference Varsity Championship

P. Central 4:00 pm
Thursday 5/3 Suburban Central Conference JV Championships Jennings


PP to 5/10

Saturday  5/12 MSHSAA District Meet TBA TBA
Saturday  5/19 MSHSAA Sectional Meet TBA TBA
Friday  5/25 MSHSAA State Meet Lincoln University TBA
Saturday  5/26 MSHSAA State Meet Lincoln Universtiy TBA


Being a member of the Jennings High School Track and Field team should be an honor for any student.  The attainment of this goal carries with it certain traditions and responsibilities that must be managed and maintained.  A great athletic tradition is not built overnight; it takes the hard work of many people over years.  As a member of th Track and Field team, you have inherited a wonderful tradition that you are challenged to uphold and continue.


The Warrior tradition is to win with honor.  We desire to win, but only with dignity and honor to our families, our school and our community.  Such a tradtion is worthy of the best effort of all concerened.  Over many years, our teams have achieved more than their share of accomplishments.  Many of our athletes have set records and won individual honors at Conference, Districts, Sectionals, and State levels.  We look forward to you contributing and adding to such a great athletic tradition.  To compete for Jennings Track and Field may mean that you will have to say "no" to temptations an athlete cannot afford.  When you wear the Red and White, we assume that you not only understand our traditions, but also are willing to assume the responsibilities that go along with them.  The contribution you will make, will make you a better person.

Responsibilities to your school:

Jennings cannot maintain its position as an outstanding school unless you do your best in whatever activity in which you wish to engage.  By participating in athletic sports to the best of your ability, you contribute to the reputation of your school.  You assume a leadership role when you are on an ahtletic team.  Your peers, neighbors, friends, and other Jennings students are watching you.  ou are on stage and the spotlight is on you.  People will copy you in many ways, so set good examples for them.  Other students, our community and other counties will judge our school, spirit and pride by your behavior and attitude.  Make Jennings Senior High School worthy of respect and admiration by your faithful exemplification of good character.


Responsiblities to yourself:

The most important responsibility you have is to broaden your horizons and develop strength of character.  As a Track and Field ahtlete you ahve a choice everyday regarding the attitude that you will embrace for that day.  You owe it to yourself to get the greatest possible good from your experience on this team.  Academics and participation in co-curricular activities will give you excellent preparation for your life as an adult.  When you are proud of yourself because you measure up to all of the team and school rules, practice to the best of your ability everyday, and have "given your all", you will develop and strengthen your self-esteem.