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Seniors Get Ready for the College Fair!
Posted On:
Monday, October 09, 2017

Related Files: JSH_College_and_Career_Fair_flyer.pdf

Student: Go to and register so you can easily provide your information to the colleges you meet at the fair.
When you register, you get a barcode that colleges can scan at the fair to get your information. 
The colleges you’re interested in will start sending you information about their school, the application process, financial aid, and important deadlines.
Step 1
Go to and fill out the form to get a barcode.
We’ll send you a reminder with your barcode again two hours before the fair.
Step 2
At the fair, show this barcode to colleges. They’ll scan it and get your information.
After the Fair
The next day, you’ll get a report with information about all of the colleges that scanned you. You’ll also start receiving information directly from the colleges.
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