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January 16, 2018 - January 19, 2018
Personal Finance (2nd Semester)
Unit 1: Goals and Decsion-Making: In a market economy such as that of the United States, individuals’ choices largely determine the course of their lives. Further, the decisions individuals make as voters and citizens determine the “rules of the game” that influence individual choices. To make informed choices, people must develop sound decision-making skills. Economic analysis provides tools that can help students develop these skills and should be an important component of a personal finance economics course.

 Essential Questions:

 1. How does setting goals help focus attention on the need for good money management?

2. What decision-making skills are necessary for good money management?


Sociology (2nd Semester)

Unit 1: Education (Social Institution): Students will debate/discuss the importance of socialization, the involvement of the self in socialization, agents of socialization (family, peers, schools, media)and the process of socialization.

Essential Question:

To what degree does social interaction determine who we are?


Psychology (2nd Semester)

Unit 1:Theories of Personality: Students will understand several different theories of personality and the major psychologists behind those theories (such as Sigmund Freud, BF Skinner, etc.). Students will examine the validity of personality tests, and complete a personality assessment.

Essential Question:

How do individuals develop?